Dog's Breakfast

Dog’s Breakfast is a theatre company that specializes in devised and dance-oriented theatre. Our approach to playmaking is based on a technique we call Trackwork, in which like and unlike phenomena are drawn together into complex aural and visual images; the tracks that create meaning in traditional theatre are dismantled and reconstructed into open, multi-interpretational forms. The dramatic building blocks of any given production may include live action scenes, narratives both fictional and historic, monologues from site-interviews, architectural and spatial structures, sequences of physical gestures, original musical compositions, documentary material from found sources mixed with live material, tableaus and installations, the actors’ personal monologues, lists, projections of both live and recorded material, jokes, choreography, poetry/fiction, and more. These “tracks” are combined and carefully arranged to produce a singular dramatic experience more akin to a collage than to a unified narrative production.

Artistic Director: Brian Rhinehart